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2018 House of Cards- Is Fairfax & Loudoun County Housing Built on?

  Being a Realtor in the Northern Virginia area we don't need an icebreaker. Any event or place I attended irrespective they are in the market to buy or sell a home; friends or a stranger wants [...]

2018 Virginia Tax Free Weekend -Back to School Supplies+Hurricane Preparedness+ Energy Star & WaterSense

It is a big shopping weekend coming up for many of the Virginian residents. Like the past years, the state has generously offered a tax-free 2018 weekend for eligible items. Once again, we have three [...]

Northern Virginia 2018-2019 Real Estate Base Property Tax Rates

Being a homeowner in the Northern Virginia area we forgot how much real estate property taxes we are paying since most of us have escrows setup with our monthly mortgage payment. For few who are fortunate to [...]

Tenant – Renting Rooms- What can I do as a Virginia Landlord?

Situation: I got a call from a first-time investor who had rented his townhome in Herndon Virginia 20171 to a young couple. Recently they found out through a neighbor their townhome was subleased to other people [...]

The Death Of Location, Location, Location – Future of Real Estate!

For centuries we have said in any real estate market Location Location Location is the most important. In the future of the real estate market, this will not play a signification role. Here are the [...]

Is Real Estate your Hobby?- Northern Virginia Home buyers

I received a call prospect home buyers asking me if I was doing real estate as a part-time agent or as a hobby?  Bit confused, I asked them what do they mean by real estate [...]