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Buying or Selling Home During Holiday- GOOD or BAD idea? Northern Virginia home buyers/sellers

Many of us are thinking about holidays and family gathering. We presume real estate market will slow down during the holiday around Northern Virginia area. If you are a home buyer or seller think before [...]

2017 September-Loudoun County Lower Volume but Higher Sales Price

Being a Loudoun County Realtor and a resident for close to two decades I can personally vouch we are still a very young county. We will all have to go through growing pains from construction [...]

1 Variable that is Holding Millennials from Buying a home in Northern Virginia area

  As per US Census Bureau : The Millennial generation is the biggest in US history—even bigger than the Baby Boom. Northern Virginia has every variable for a HOT housing market for home buyers. We [...]

Equifax Breach and Its Impact on Home Buyers & Sellers in Northern Virginia area

  By now we all know about 143 million people in the United States were hit due to Equifax security breach.  The hackers accessed personal information such as names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, [...]

Do Hurricanes Devastation Impact on Northern Virginia Real Estate Market?

Many of us in the Northern Virginia area feel blessed since we missed the rain or any impact of the weather from either of the hurricanes (Irma or Harvey).    However, major catastrophic impact around the country [...]

August 2017-Loudoun Real Estate Market Slow Down + Gains Uggh?

Summer slow down brings a strange or a weird real estate market in the DC metro area. While overall the pulse of the market was a typical summer market with a slowdown. However, we [...]