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Should I Install Granite Counter Tops When Selling My Home in Northern Virginia?

Many home sellers are planning the strategies to leverage their home for sale in the Northern Virginia area of Fairfax & Loudoun County for spring 2018 real estate market.  One of the questions I get asked by [...]

2006 and NOW Is Real Estate Market a Bubble?

Many of the home buyers across the country still remember the pain and have a scar from the housing collapse in 2006. Foreclosure and short sales were the keys words on every block.  Since 2006 [...]

Hidden Cost of Buying a New Construction Home in Fairfax & Loudoun county of Virginia

We all love model homes and the smell of new home just like a new car purchase. However, before you decide whether to buy a new construction home in Fairfax or Loudoun county of Northern Virginia [...]

18th consecutive month-October prices remain high in DC area as Inventories Decline

OVERVIEW OF THE DC METRO MARKET: The Washington D.C. Metro median sales price of $413,125 was up 3.3% or $13,125 compared to last year and up 2.0% or $8,125 compared to last month.  This [...]

Buying or Selling Home During Holiday- GOOD or BAD idea? Northern Virginia home buyers/sellers

Many of us are thinking about holidays and family gathering. We presume real estate market will slow down during the holiday around Northern Virginia area. If you are a home buyer or seller think before [...]

2017 September-Loudoun County Lower Volume but Higher Sales Price

Being a Loudoun County Realtor and a resident for close to two decades I can personally vouch we are still a very young county. We will all have to go through growing pains from construction [...]