“Recession” is the word on everyone’s mind. Many economists across the globe are concern about recession and trade war. That is reflected by the roller coaster rider at the stock market.

If you are in the Northern Virginia real estate market to buy a home this unpredictable reports may put you on the fence about your home buying decision.

Should you put buying or selling your home on hold?

Being a local Fairfax & Loudoun County Realtor with over a decade and a half experience and gone through the recession this question does not have one answer to everyone’s situation.

Home is an emotional investment- Many of my clients have heard me say over and over. If your stock gets delisted or drops significantly you can avoid getting emotionally drain by not logging into your trade accounts. However, when you come back to your home, sleep, breath, eat and raise a family you are emotionally vested with four walls. Any loss in the valuation becomes a bigger loss than your stock or any other investment.

To support an argument of whether to buy or hold you have to know and have confidence in your local economy.  Northern Virginia has been known as the silicon valley of the East Coast. I have been a resident of the Northern Virginia area for over two decades we had our share of ups and downs but the tolerance is significantly higher than 50 miles South of here. We had and have a low unemployment rate, many big firms have put roots down in the region and plus we have government-related jobs. Some of these are high income paying jobs. 

None of us have a crystal ball that can predict the volatile market. If today trade wars and the invert yield curve is a sign of recession tomorrow another threat or positive news can change the entire landscape.

Buy a home when you are ready to be a homeowner to create memories rather than thinking your home as another stock investment or a cash cow.