The much anticipated Fed Rate drop happened on Wednesday. As a Northern Virginia Realtor in Fairfax & Loudoun county, many of my clients are wondering how it will impact our real estate market?

As we know long term mortgage (30-year fix) do have a direct impact with the Fed’s bank rate policy. Interest rates are lower than a few years/months ago. Strong high-income employment and a large volume of relo from both government and non-government entities have always been the drive behind demand in the area. Inventory is still a challenge in both Fairfax & Loudoun County Virginia.

August is here! that means parents (like myself) have to send their kids off to college. With this comes their 1st college tuition bill $$$$. Fortunately, in the past few years, the Northern Virginia real estate market has seen a steady pace of appreciation. Many parents have tapped into their home equity to fund college tuition rather than letting their kids borrowing high-interest rate loans. The Fed policy does impact the HELOCs or any short term loan including your car payments and credit rates but not the long term fix rates.

Even though Fed policy won’t impact directly on the long term rates it is a big psychological impact in our industry. The market buzz tends to increase the number of buyers who are on the fence with their purchase decision. This surge comes around the same time when our empty nesters are ready to sell their nest (home) and move to a warmer temperature area. We will see a slight rise in our fall inventory. This would lead to 2nd round of HOT real estate market in the DC Metro area after spring.

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