In 2018 Northern Virginia real estate market has been very similar to other parts of the country. We had a tight inventory and a high demand market. Since the beginning of the year as the numbers reflected the rise in the sales price along with a high volume of sale over the numbers from last year sales.

With the current dramatic rise in the interest rates, many home buyers are confused about what is the best decision they can make for their biggest financial investment. 

Here is a simple break down:

Scenario 1: If interested rises but home prices remain the same

From the above snapshot, the difference between the current interest rate and future is about $140 per month which adds up to $1680 per year.

Scenario 2: If interested rises but home prices decrease by 5%

In the second scenario if we do have a sluggish housing market and home prices drop by historic 5% you waiting out or buying a home now won’t make a difference. 

If the 1st scenario where the interest rises but the housing price remains the same some homebuyers may be forced to hold off financially. 

Verdict: To BUY NOW or WAIT to buy a home in the future?

Psychologically many of the home buyers get on the fence when the market pulls back and/or the interest rate rises. As a local realtor, I called it a reactive decision. Real estate has always been an emotional purchase alike stock which had a double-digit dropped in the past week. Apart from an emotional real estate is a long-term (ya Ritu you said it over and over) investment. You will pay for rent or mortgage.

My professional and personal advise to Fairfax and Loudoun County home buyers would be to take advantage of the housing market.

Sellers who are in the fall and winter real estate market are the most motivated home sellers in the Northern Virginia area. Negotiate the contingencies, leverage the home inspection items you want sellers to repair for you and lastly ask for closing cost help (seller subsidy) to buy down the rate or pay your closing cost. None of this was an option when the market was HOT!

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