As a human nature, any change is hard to accept and adapt. Real estate market has shifted. We are curving from Seller’s Market to the Buyer’s Market with a rise in the inventory in the Fairfax and Loudoun county of Virginia.

Whenever the shift happens it is very hard as a home seller to understand why their home is not under contract while home up the street a month ago was under contract in a few days. As a long-term Northern Virginia Realtor, I remind my home buyers and sellers’ housing market shifts every week.

“Motivated Sellers” a very loosely used term in our real estate marketplace. If you are not motivated you won’t be actively listing your home on the market.

Hence, there are sellers who are truly motivated and other not so much.

Highly motivated Home sellers in Virginia:
For sellers who are very motivated, I recommend them to consider the pricing strategy rather than stating the verbiage of being a motivated seller. This will attract the right buyer for your home and give you a leverage to negotiate the terms. Don’t be the most expensive home on the block.

On the fence motivated home sellers in Virginia:
For my sellers who are on the fenced but motivated; understand your standing in the housing market. Best way to understand where you stand in the marketplace is by visiting your competitors’ homes. The more you understand the housing market and where your home stands you will come to an agreement on where you need to list your home and/or take the home off the market. While you negotiate an offer you will be realistic of your contract terms and not feel like your Realtor just wanted to get your home sold.

Unsure Motivated Sellers in Virginia:
These are the home sellers who are willing to sell but not below certain price point. Essentially, from a Realtor perspective, we call them undecided home sellers. They will sell if we terms meet their perception of the market but they claim to be motivated home sellers. Some may become realistic of their position in the housing market otherwise may drag and create an unwanted stress in their life.

Bottom line is if you are truly motivated to be a real home seller. List the home at the right price. Work with the Realtor as a team rather than someone who wants to list and be done with your home sale. Lastly, if you are truly motivated home seller don’t overreact or get offended if someone offers you a low ball offer. If a buyer liked your home and is serious about their purchase they will try to meet you in the middle.