For centuries we have said in any real estate market Location Location Location is the most important. In the future of the real estate market, this will not play a signification role. Here are the reasons:

With the self-driving car future not too far away many of the commuters can start working and/or will catch up with their favorite Netflix during that commute time. The long commute will be less strenuous. I personally think the commute will be a personal time and will look forward to commuting to work.

The second reason why the future of real estate won’t care about the location is due to the easy delivery of good and products by the company like Amazon Fresh or Box or other companies. We can now order all our groceries and have it delivered to our doorsteps. With competition, this is going to get cheaper and more convenient. Gone are the days when I wanted to be near grocery stores or conveniences of the shopping center nearby.

Last reason is in the future the jobs are getting tech-driven so workplace like technology employers, auditors, accountants, sales can be done by robots which you navigate and control won’t impact where you live and work from. This will expand the horizon of where people can afford and want to live.


What will matter is we will be fighting for homes that have green space, fresh air and community feeling essential a place we had hundreds of years ago. I guess we will go through a complete circle of life!

What do you think will be the future of real estate?

This may be the future of real estate or home buying and selling of homes in the Northern Virginia (DC Metro suburbs)area of Fairfax or Loudoun County.