I received a call prospect home buyers asking me if I was doing real estate as a part-time agent or as a hobby? 

Bit confused, I asked them what do they mean by real estate as a hobby? They shared they had started working with a Northern Virginia Realtor that had a full-time job in a large IT firm. This real estate came as a recommendation by a co-worker since they are new to the Loudoun County area.

At the initial phone conversation, the agent informed them to visit open houses and contact him when they are ready to submit an offer. Initially, between all the websites they had set up an alert they did drive by and see the home. However, due to lack of availability of their Realtor, they could not see inside the home. By the time he was available to schedule a showing the home was long gone. And days when they did preview the home their form was not written in a professional manner and reflected poorly on their capability to purchase the home. They were tired of coordinating with him on appointments in this fast-moving market. And they were ranting on and on about their experience.

This is not the 1st time I have received a frustrating prospect home buyer call. With the influx of the housing market demand, I receive a few calls a week asking how much kickback or rebate I offer. Many home buyers don’t want to discuss what a full-time professional brings to table.

I have nothing against home buyers in Virginia who hire services of real estate agents that give rebate or cash back. If receiving a rebate is important to them they should work with that individual real estate agent. But if you are looking for someone who will guide and help you through the largest investment of your life savings then may be working with a Realtor who does not give back worth the investment.

My sermon to these prospects calls are “You can learn to play an instrument after watching few videos or learn to cook or draw but all of these are good at the amateur levels. If you want to refine your skills you will end up hiring a professional. Otherwise, we call it Hobby or timepass to learn that skill.”

After few meetings and showings, these home buyers are now homeowners of a beautiful home in Ashburn Virginia