Question: I am going to list my home in Fairfax County Virginia. As a home seller, I am concerned potential buyers or people walking at the open house may damage my home. Who is going to be responsible for repairs and how I can prevent any incident happening? Will I have a recourse?

Answer: Mr./Mrs Home sellers in Fairfax County this is a reasonable concern every home sellers have.

As a buyers agent, we do our due diligence to ensure our buyers previewing the home don’t do anything that will cause damages or destruction of the property which they don’t own. However, there may be circumstances that may cause damage beyond our control.

At the open house, we politely request the visitors if we do see an incident occurring.

Who is responsible if the damages or theft occurs during the listing period?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for any damages or incidents that happen.It is a risk as a business owner at the mall or at a store takes to a homeowner who lists their home for sale by owner or with a Realtor.  If you are signing a Northern Virginia EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL LISTING AGREEMENT paragraph 25 C Seller Assumption of Risk clearly states Seller retains full responsibility.


How to prevent damages or incident happening?

Just like a homeowner, you don’t leave your front door wide open or garage open you may want to minimize the incident by preparing your home for sale. Put away or hideaway that is valuable or sentimental value to you. 

During the open house as a local Northern Virginia Realtor, I will monitor prospects walking in the house. But considering the amount of influx we have people walking in the house, we may not be able to supervise every visitor. Same recommendation goes to you as above keep things that are important to you out of the house or hide it away.

Preparedness and prevention is your best pre-caution over incidence that may be beyond your control while listing your home for sale in Northern Virginia real estate market.