Should I Talk to a Lender or a Real Estate Agent First when buying a home in Northern Virginia?

There is tons of information online and everyone has a friend or a family member who is unselfishly willing to guide a naive potential home buyer. 
Northern Virginia comprising of many counties like Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William. It is considered a very affluent or richest counties around the US with a strong economic engine of the region. This has converted many of our renters into home buyers.

According to a survey, nearly 69% of the people desirous of buying a home have wrong notions about down payment needs. They believe they need at least 20% of the value of the property before approaching a lender for a mortgage loan. In such a scenario, it seems logical to talk first to a lender before finding a real estate agent. Let us see what you should do first when you have decided to buy a home in Northern Virginia..

 If you are like most other first time homebuyers, you would think that it is better to approach a lender first, get pre-qualified and understand your monthly mortgage payments before talking to a real estate agent. There can be no two opinions about the fact that mortgage is very important for buying a home but the role played by a real estate agent is no less important. If you have a stable income and a good credit score, the issue of mortgage can be handled easily at a later stage or hand in hand. Even if you have misconceptions about down payment requirements, it is prudent to contact a reliable real estate agent first.

If you are a seasoned home buyer, over the short period the mortgage/financing industry goes thru many major changes that can impact your financing qualification of home buying. Similar to first time home buyer speak with your real estate agent first; especially if you plan to carry your other home mortgage. 

If you are new construction buyers many of them have same misconception builder is working on behalf of a home buyer and they don’t need representation. Builders have in-house lenders with incentives tied to using their mortgage company that steers buyers away from hiring an experienced real estate agent. Why do you need to hire a Realtor when buying new construction? Because just like resale home there are many aspects of buying a new construction home in Fairfax & Loudoun county your agent can guide and help you negotiate through the process.

Not because I am a local Fairfax & Loudoun County Realtor® I suggest to speak with the Realtor® before lender.

Keep in mind that your real estate agent is like an orchestra conductor when you are embarking on a home buying endeavor. Like an orchestra conductor, your Realtor® will hold baton to orchestrate various aspect of the home buying. 

Let your experienced real estate agent Ritu Desai in the Northern Virginia area of Fairfax & Loudoun County be the first one you speak before you endeavor into a home buying journey.