Loudoun County had a strong 2017!

Overall Northern Virginia had a very strong 2017 real estate market in both Fairfax & Loudoun County. Click here to read my blog about 2017 annual Fairfax County housing market report. 

Loudoun County real estate market started early on with a warm up in January and continued strong housing demand until late falls/early winter. 

Loudoun had a perfect combination to thrive in 2017 a milder winter weather conditions, lower interest rate, high demand and low inventory.


List price to sales price: As always I tell my home buyers in the Loudoun County area of Ashburn, Chantilly, Leesburg, Sterling, and Aldie we sell very close the list price. No surprise peak of our market in April we were selling 99.1% to the average list price to the original list price of the home. This is higher than the average we see in Fairfax County real estate market.  Many of the millennials prefer to move to a suburban community where they can put the roots down.

Days of Market: If the sales were strong the days on the market will be shorter. We dropped from two-months average to one-month average time it took the home to be off the market. However, most homes that were priced right were sold within few days and/or with multiple offers.

Inventory: Loudoun has a wider spectrum of home choices compared to Fairfax County. We have new construction and resale homes that are not too far off their price point when you consider the time it takes for the new home to be constructed and delivered. Tight inventory has been strongest reason for higher sales volume and close to list price sale of the home.

New construction: Similar to resale homes new construction homes in Loudoun County saw an equally strong year in 2017. Many of the home builders in Ashburn and Aldie were selling the homesites faster than the builder could build a home. Many builders were offering incentives for an extended lock on the purchasers’ interest rate to entice them to buy a new home rather than off to another builder or resale home.

Interest Rate: The average interest rate for 2017 was just shy of 4%. But it fluctuated between 4.20 in spring to a lower end 3.88%. 2018 already has seen an increment in the interest rate compared to 2017. Below are the average listed by Fannie Mae on a 30 year fix.

2018 Future Trend in Loudoun County:  If you had read my recent blog about the impact on Taxes in the Northern Virginia market you will learn I personally don’t think it will have a direct impact.  Overall Loudoun still has a strong growth potential in a long run. It will be a steady growth with buyers demanded mid-size homes over large estate homes. There is always a market for a starter homes like a one car garage or a small single family priced under $700K.  

Interpretation of the above information is done by Ritu Desai at Samson Properties. If you have a question or concern about your finance or mortgage or home purchase or sale please contact an appropriate counselor.