5 Overlooked Dirt Spots Buyers Will Notice

Buyers are like movie critics they will notice things that you have overlooked or blind sighted while living in your own home. If you are going to be listing your home on the market work with a local real estate agent, shine your home and don’t lose a buyer.

1. Light, Ceiling fans & Furniture: Light fixtures, ceiling fans, TV, furniture all can be a magnet for dust and dead bugs. Spritz and wipe them with a cleaning solution to get them shining again.

2. Return Vents: Walk around your home and notice those griddle looking return vents. It will collect webs and dust over the period. Remove the vent if possible and clean it. 

3. Handles:  Kitchen or doorknobs when buyers are grabbing to open and close they will notice the grease or dirt on it. 

4. Carpet Edges: Over the period if you are not good at keeping up your carpet clean you will notice edges are black. Have a professional carpet company deep clean your carpets before buyers walk through your home. 

5. The body of the toilet: Start with the top of the tank and spray all around—the lid, under the lid, the seat, the surrounding floor, and the walls behind the toilet. Shine the toilets and keep the lid closed. 

Consult with your local Northern Virginia real estate agent on how to maximize your home sale in the Fairfax & Loudoun County area.