Many home sellers are planning the strategies to leverage their home for sale in the Northern Virginia area of Fairfax & Loudoun County for spring 2018 real estate market. 

One of the questions I get asked by the prospective homes sellers “Is should I upgrade to granite counter tops in my kitchen?”

The answer is almost always yes as the return on investment is one of the best things you can do to a home. Really the only time I would not recommend granite is if the rest of the home needed to much work and the granite would look out of place.

 In other words, if your home is in Fairfax County with a built the year of 1960 you have original cabinets or house overall is outdated adding just granite counters would look out of place. It would be silly to invest money in counters when a home needs so much more!

On the flip side if you a home seller in Loudoun County with home built in 2000 yes I would encourage you to invest in updating your kitchen countertops.   

The kitchen is heart and soul of a home. Adding granite counters and/or stainless steel appliances add a WOW factor that home buyers are looking for in their home purchase.  

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