Northern Virginia When selling home pricingEvery seller wants to get the highest sales price for their home in the Northern Virginia area. Many times this dream may not come true for a home seller.

If your home has been on the market for a while and initial instinct is you are going to have to adjust the price. 

A common concern many of the home sellers have if I reduce the sales price buyers are going to think we are desperate and we will receive a low ball offer.

It may be true however you have to consider the fact buyers will pay what the market will dictate the price of a home. If you were over priced or at price but did not receive an offer you may want to adjust to being realistic considering the of your home.

On the flip side if the market is sluggish or a lack of demand for your home style or the floor plan even a price adjustment may not be enough to attract a right buyer. Other variables like staging, professional photographer or targeting right buyer pool strategy may have to be used. 

As a home seller in Northern Virginia when I should reduce the list price of my home?

Depending on your situation and the market you should determine the decision of adjusting the sales price.

1. No showings: If the number of showings has dramatically reduced or you are absolutely getting no showings.

2.Lots of Showing no offers: If you are getting showings but buyers are not making their move to submit an offer you may want to discuss with your listing agent and adjust the list price to get buyers attention to make an offer. 

3. Sluggish Market: If the market is sluggish and inventory is high you may want to reconsider your position in the market. You don’t want to the most expensive home in the market unless you have unique upgrades in the house. Understand your competition and place yourself in the real estate market.

4. Feedback:  If you are receiving feedback that you can cure or control adjust rather than staying in denial about your home. Many home sellers get offended by the feedback as a Realtor we share. Please don’t take it personally work with that information. 

5. No Updates or Needs Repairs: If you own a home that is stuck in its time and is in desperate need of an upgrade you may want to consider adjusting the list price to reflect the work to be done to get the home to today’s market trend. 

6. Market Trend is Shifting: I call DC metro real estate market compared to a flip of a switch. We may be going very strong and suddenly market has shifted. Rather than waiting and praying for the market to change the trend go with the moment and place your home price accordingly.

7. Emotional Attachment: This is another reason why some of the homes don’t sell in the market place. If you are emotionally attached and have overpriced your home price you may want to de-attached or take the home off the market. You are not motivated to sell! 

Discuss closely with your local Northern Virginia real estate agent on what is the best approach for your home and your market place. 


Ritu Desai is an Association Broker with Samson Properties with over $100+Million is sales experience in Northern Virginia real estate market.