Selling home in Northern Virginia areaWhile seeking an advice from the Northern Virginia real estate agent the home sellers in the Fairfax & Loudoun always ask the question 

“What is the best time to Sell my home?”

Old school or belief system has been spring is the best time of the year to sell a home in Northern Virginia.

However, being in the industry for 14 years I can confidently say things have changed over the period. No longer we are stuck with time crunch of spring. Yes, the real estate market fluctuates and sometimes a home that should be sold in HOT spring market sits for a while and turn around in fall it is Sold! 

To maximize the list price of your home it will be strongly depended on the real estate market trend. For instance, January & February of 2017 were exceptionally stronger months in the Fairfax & Loudoun County housing market compared to those months in 2016. While fall of 2016 was very strong compared to 2015. We had a strong 1st half of 2017 but we have now lost some momentum due to summer holidays.

Will it pick up where we left off in fall of 2017?

DC metro area is sensitive to the political environment. Even though we have a strong employment base and one the lowest unemployment rate we tend to reach easily to any of the political news. Few year ago (I think it was 2015) when the sequestration had real estate market in the area had completely shut down. 

Going back to the question of the blog the answer will be:

If you are in the housing market to sell your home stage and price it right. There is a buyer for every home!

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