Займ без отказа что это?

займы без отказа называют экспресс-кредиты от микрофинансовых организаций (МФО). Эти организации предъявляют достаточно простые требования к заемщику и одобряют практически каждую заявку, так как выдают небольшие суммы на короткий срок на карту, или наличными. Помимо лояльности к заемщику, экспресс-кредиты отличаются быстротой одобрения. Благодаря автоматической системе, которая обрабатывает заявку, решение принимается в течение 5-15 минут. Вся процедура происходит в онлайн режиме, сервисы работают круглосуточно, а деньги перечисляются на карту. Но необходимо учесть, что круглосуточные экспресс-займы – это один из самых рисковых видов кредитования для финансовых учреждений, поэтому процентная ставка здесь ощутимо выше, чем у традиционных банков и начисляется за каждый день пользования средствами. В целом, учитывая короткие сроки таких кредитов, переплата не ощутима, но, если вы не вернете долг вовремя, будет начисляться высокая пеня за просрочку.

Northern Virginia top real estate agent Ritu Desai Samson PropertiesIf you speak with any Northern Virginia real estate agent in the area, they will tell you if you are planning to buy a 1st time home buyer or a median home price home in the region market is very HOT. We cannot keep the home on the market more than 24 hours before we see an offer.  Multi-offers, bidding offers are common terms. For me, it almost feels like 2005 mad rush. I have personally never seen such a tight inventory housing market in the Northern Virginia area in a looong time. 

If you are a home buyer who did not expect early spring market in January 2017, should you buy into the real estate madness market or should you hold off till things cool down?

As a local real estate, I have been on both the side of the fence. Currently, I have buyers who are buying and are under contract with a home. And I have buyers who have made a decision to hold off.

So what is the difference? Why one set is ready while others one is on the fence?

The buyers who are under contract are not a new house hunter. They have talking, shopping and doing their homework for a while. They have walked the field to know what they are wagging against. These home buyers are educated/savvy buyers. They know where they want to live and the type of home they want to purchase. The stable/slide in the interest rate also encouraged them to move forward rather than gamble and wait till true spring season.

While others unsure about the political environment (remember we are playing in DC metro area), some cannot take the heated market and others I have personally encouraged them it may in their best interest to hold off. They are not educated and ready to dive in the market. 

How do you as a Northern Virginia 1st time home buyer determine if you are ready or should you hold off home buying decision?

The best person is to go with your gut decision and discuss with people who know you and your financial health. The next best person is your  Northern Virginia local real estate agent.  Have an open and frank discussion. 

Remember there will be always a perfect home for you. You decide to hold off or make a move now real estate is a long-term investment. When you are ready to make your biggest financial commitment everything will fall in its place.

Please don’t be an impulsive home buyer!

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