The last couple of years Northern Virginia has seen some a drastic weather pattern hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowmageddon hand-792920_1280

The news of hurricane Mathew that we all have been tracking and praying made me dig through my old blog I had written a few years ago about local emergency preparedness in the Northern Virginia cities and counties. As always a lot of information on some of these websites were outdated.  Here is a compiled links from your local Northern Virginia real estate agent, a homeowner and a parent we can never be prepared but hope this helps someone!!! 

From Virginia State : If you have not yet downloaded the app from Virginia Department of Emergency Management do it right away. It has a ton of important information for you to stay on top of things. My recent blog about the emergency app link. 

males-1002779_1280Apart from Virginia state resource, local counties have also put together their effort to keep citizen updated and alert. Here are a link and details from each Northern Virginia county.