As a local Northern Virginia real estate agent, we pull a tax record when we are ready to write a contract for a home buyer or scheduling a listing appointment for a home seller. 

In my personal experience, 4 out of 10 homes; specially built in the 80s and 90s home may have some form of incorrect data. Fairfax & Loudoun county even though has a majority of the tech-savvy residences, unfortunately, we come across incorrect housing database. 

So what are your options if you discover county has incorrect information of your home and/or square feet on tax record?

id-100460088The first step if you are a home seller or the owners in the Northern Virginia area is to contact the county tax assessment department.  Click here is a link to Fairfax & Loudoun county tax assessment website. 

They will schedule an appointment where the assessor will come to measure your incorrect space. Example if your basement reflects 400 sq.ft. while the total finished SQ. ft. should be 1000. They will measure entire basement square feet. 

After the assessor takes the measurement they go back and correct the county records. The tax assessment (value of the property) may not get updated till the following tax due date.

 If you discover the error early on get it corrected prior to listing your home or hire an appraisal who can create a report with correct square feet of your home.  Note if you have not pulled permits when the improvement was completed county may require you to pull a permit and meet the current codes. Contact the local county for details.

The entire process takes time!

Why you want correction of your public record?

Zillow, Trulia, and many other estimator sites pull up data from the public record to estimate the valuation of the property. As we all know many of the buyers or general public rely on this information. 

Apart from the website if it will help you in leveraging your home for sale with correct data and appraisal value of the home.